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Sharing Jesus's Love in Nigeria

Daniela Bonanno
Please click the donate button below to help Daniela with her expenses.
Daniela Bonanno

Cost: $2,400
Received: $1,125

In October 2017, Daniela Bonanno who is a nurse, will be going with a team to Nigeria on a short-term mission trip with FaithCare. FaithCare is a Christian organization that works to integrate faith and medicine. In Nigeria, typically between 5,000-6,000 patients are seen, spiritual counseling and prayer are offered to every patient, many come to Christ and a couple hundred receive lifesaving surgeries. GapFill agrees with the mission of FaithCare in meeting not just the physical needs of people but meeting the most important need of knowing Jesus. Be a part of this medical and spiritual outreach by donating toward Daniela’s trip to Nigeria.

Sharing Jesus's Love in Haiti

Daniela Bonanno
Please click the donate button below to help Daniela with her expenses.
Daniela Bonanno

Cost: $3,500
Received: $250

In February 2018, Daniela will be going to Haiti for two weeks. The first week will be spent working with Hope for Haiti's Children in the Port-Au-Price region. She will be helping them with their Annual Childcare Clinic serving the children in their orphanages and schools. Each child's needs are assessed and routine immunizations will be given. From there she will travel to Cap-Haitien to spend a week working with FaithCare, where she will assist with meeting the needs of many local people who will be seen at their free clinic. The team shares the love and hope of Jesus with each patient while also meeting their physical needs. Many of us are not able or equipped to go on these types of medical mission trips, however, those who are able need your help. Can you donate and be a part of her vision to help so many in need?

Sharing Jesus in Russia and Greece

Mike and Sheri Bedient
Please click the donate button below to help Sheri and Mike with their trip deficit.
Mike and Sheri Bedient

Cost: $7,100
Received: $4,850

Sheri and Mike Bedient visited Russia and Greece in June 2017. They spent time with Christian leaders in Russia to encourage them and help them have good healthy ministries. They also spent time with young believers. They then went to Greece with the Russian school directors, teachers, parents and students. God opened the door again to share the gospel in English Language classes.

The Bedients did end up with a deficit of $2,250 due to the hike of the euro and other trip expenses from their ministry that they did not foresee. We have reopened this project to allow additional donations to help meet this deficit.

Thank you to all who donated toward Sheri and Mike’s trip and for the consideration in helping to meet their current deficit. You truly are partners in Christ.

Dental Need for Sheri Bedient

Mike and Sheri Bedient
Please click the donate button below to help Sheri with her dental expenses.
Mike and Sheri Bedient

Cost: $4,976
Received: $3,175

Sheri Bedient is a long time missionary with her husband Mike serving the Navigators in Russia and at Arizona State University (ASU). Unfortunately, Sheri, has to have two of her teeth replaced and has no dental insurance...Ouch!
Thanks to all who have donated thus far. Sheri has started her dental treatments and is trying to work within the budget she has. Thank you Logos Dentistry for working in such a tight budget. Let’s give thanks and honor to Sheri for her years of service in Christian ministry by continuing to donate toward her needed dental work. Thank you in advance for any bit of help you can give.

Sharing Jesus in Russia

COMPLETED - $6,010 Donated

Thank you GapFill donors for all your donations that made Mike and Sheri’s trip to Russia in 2016 possible. They had many opportunities to share Jesus and engage again with Russian family and friends.

Van for Ministry Work

COMPLETED - $6,000 Donated
Mike and Sheri Bedient
Many thanks to one donor who purchased a much needed van for the Bedients. Traveling with college students and driving to short-term mission trips requires a reliable vehicle. We sincerely thank this generous donor who was called to give to the Bedient's work in this way.

Surgery Need for Anthony Vanaria

Surgery need for Anthony Vanaria
Please click the donate button below to help Anthony with his surgery expenses.
Anthony Vanaria

Cost: $25,000
Received: $11,030

Anthony, who is currently in the process of becoming a missionary associate to work full-time with refugee’s in Sicily, has a craniofacial deficiency that results in an obstruction of his airways. Essentially, because of the structure of his jaw bones, he has a limited space in his nasal cavity that substantially reduces his ability to breathe through his nose. This is not only dangerous for his long term health - taxing his respiratory system and heart - but immediately prevents him from adequate sleep and recovery.

Anthony met with craniofacial specialist Dr. Micro Raffaini, who was able to diagnose the problem, and present a solution that invariably improves air intake. The procedure is two-fold, and includes alterations to the structure of both his upper and lower jaw. Anthony’s upper jaw will be lowered to create space - tissue from within the nasal cavity will also be removed as necessary - and his lower jaw will be advanced to accommodate and support changes made to the upper jaw.

Anthony is currently working through his insurance plan, but his options are limited. Regardless of where he gets the surgery, in Italy or the US, insurance will either not cover the surgery or only cover some of it with high deductibles.

Anthony is aware that, personally, a surgery of such magnitude would be difficult to pursue while working overseas. However, since Anthony is in the process of becoming a full time Christian missionary, GapFill is starting a fund to help with whatever will not be covered by his insurance plan, enabling him to receive critical medical treatment without stepping away from ministry abroad.

Feel free to contact GapFill for further details and we can get you in touch with Anthony. Thank you in advance for your consideration in helping Anthony have a healthier life while serving Jesus.

Help Woman and Children in No. Africa

Click Donate below to designate funds for "Woman and Children in North Africa".

Received: $310

Help a local Christian missionary provide for woman and children in a sensitive area of North Africa. Your donation will help break the cycle of poverty and illiteracy by empowering these disadvantaged women through skills training programs and children through the provision of sustainable health and education. Give these woman and children a chance to be a catalyst for change in this sensitive area of the world.

Back Surgery Need

Back surgery need for Marlyn Stucky
Please click the donate button below to help Marlyn with his back surgery expenses.
Marlyn Stucky

Cost: $17,000
Received: $2,475

Thank you all for your prayers and donations. Marlyn had a successful surgery!!! We are all so THANKFUL to the Lord for His faithfulness and provision.

Marlyn is back in Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea recovering from his surgery. There is still much swelling and nerve damage that will take time to reconnect and regenerate and for the pain to cease. Maryln is doing therapy and stretches to loosen up his back and increase the mobility of his limbs. It is a long healing process. Please continue to pray for Marlyn’s recovery.

Funds received thus far have been sent to the Singapore hospital to begin paying for the surgery, however, additional funds are still needed for the balance to be paid in full. Thank you to all who have given to help with his medical costs.

Sound Equipment Needed

Please click the donate button below to give toward sound equipment for sharing Jesus in India.

Cost: $3,000
Received: $440

Of India's 1.2 billion people, roughly 75% are under the age of 35. As the economy has improved over the last few years, a stronger middle class has emerged, and there is a growing demographic of musicians, painters, artisans, and business owners. Holding music events has created increased opportunities to build relationships, but the re-occurring cost of sound rental prevents hosting more regular events. The purchase of sound equipment - a basic sound board, mics, and speakers - will open more doors for the name of Jesus to be made known in India.

Be a part of this vision in India that Jesus is opening up for these young missionaries!

Mayenjane Children's Home

COMPLETED - $2,000 Donated

Eight children in Swaziland are now living in the Children's Home!! For those of you who donated toward this home, you know this journey has been FAR longer than the West family anticipated, but hallelujah God never fails!

Please pray for the eight orphans placed in the children's' home. There are three sibling groups, five boys and three girls, all between the ages of eight and fourteen. All from severely traumatic backgrounds. Please also pray for the housemother, Fikile, who has suddenly inherited eight high-needs children!

Thank you to all who have donated. May you feel the blessings of Jesus in your daily lives for the blessings you have given to these orphans.

Additional Vehicle Funds Needed

COMPLETED - $300 Donated

The West's have received enough money to purchase a newer vehicle for their work in South Africa. Thank you GapFill donors for your monies given toward this project. The West's are feeling so blessed. To God Be the Glory!

siSwati Bibles Needed

COMPLETED - $750 Donated

Thank you donors for filling in the gap with Bibles in siSwati--so many wanted to read the Word in their own language, but few had their own Bible. You made it possible for Kay and John to distribute these Bibles free of charge. Thank you GapFill donors for supplying siSwati Bibles to the people of Swaziland.

Mission School Needs

Please click the donate button below to give toward the needs of this Mission School.

Received: $9,810

A Christian missionary is running a school for children in a sensitive area of the world. This area of the world is one of the “terrorist watch areas” you hear about on the news. Her goal, along with education, is to tell them about the hope they can have in Jesus. At present, 66 children between the ages of 3 to 13 years are being educated. Given the situation and the need to help more children, GapFill has chosen to partner in the school needs. We would love for you to join with us. Below are items that currently need funding. You can donate to the overall school needs or give to a specific item (mention the specific item in the "Add special instructions to" field when you click the donate button above).
Don’t just watch the news, make a difference by changing one small area of the world at a time.
School Needs
Rent $3,650/year
To date, $3,150 has been donated.
2 add'l teachers
1st teacher was hired in 2015 and 2nd teacher was hired for 2016/17 school year.
Praise God - 2 teachers have been hired.
Sustainability for add'l teacher $55/month/teacher
School Supplies $500 Need Met!
Furniture $680 Need Met!
Uniforms $500 Need Met!
Computers / Laptop $1,000
School Van
Please consider donating monthly.
To date, $3,000 has been donated.

Thank you for your prayers and financial donations to stand with GapFill in not only the education of these children but in sharing with them the hope they can have in Jesus. This missionary writes, “You have been such a great blessing and your input has made a tremendous difference in our pursuit of enthroning Jesus as Lord in the dark places of the earth. May God bless you richly.”