Completed PRAISES is overwhelmed and humbled by the completed blessings below to the Christian missionaries who were in need. We thank each donor for their sacrificial giving and pray they will in turn be blessed.

Sharing Jesus in Russia Through Music

COMPLETED - $4,635 Donated

Thank you to all who donated to Stan Balken’s trip to Russia to lead an English Language Camp for Russian high school and college students. With your help, Stan had the privilege of leading 15 Russian High School students daily for two weeks in an American Music class. He also was able to accompany them and many parents and teachers to Greece as part of their summer training. Stan taught biblical principles and concepts through music using powerful Christian lyrics and songs in order to speak into the Russian student’s heads and hearts about God’s love and plan of salvation.

Please continue to pray that the Spiritual seeds that were planted will reap eternal rewards in lives changed. You truly were a partner in Stan’s trip.

Help Purchase a Scooter

COMPLETED - $1,500 Donated

Thank you all who donated toward the purchase of this scooter. The current Christian woman in that sensitive area of the world noted; “Thank you so much. The scooter has already made it easier to meet more girls and gets me around much quicker and safer.” This scooter will remain in that area of the world and will be used by other Christian missionaries when they arrive and proclaim the gospel of Jesus in this sensitive area of the world.

Thank you again for your donations.

Solar Panels Needed

COMPLETED - $4,000 Donated

A big THANK YOU to GapFill donors who made these solar panels possible. This widowed missionary and the boy’s orphanage next door now have working solar panels. They ended up having to dig out the mountain on two sunny spots, lay rocks for a foundation and build a rock wall behind to shore up the mountain.

Thank you Jesus for using these GapFill donors to warm some of the least of these in the mountains. No small thing. He shall not forget!

Church Planting Among the Unreached

COMPLETED - $200 Donated

This country in Asia has countless Hindu, Muslim, and Buddhist people that have never heard the name of Jesus. It's a country where the human trafficking industry is strongly growing, a crime that 27 million people are caught in. It's a country where many people don't know the one thing that can break the evil in their life, their identity in Christ. This missionary is helping to bring the Christian church to where it does not exist, actively taking the good news of the gospel to people who have not yet heard.

Thank you donors for helping get this missionary to Asia!

Help Diagnose Ninau

COMPLETED - $3,085 Donated

Ninau is rejoicing and shouting the victory as she passed from this life on March 9th, 2017 into the presence of Jesus.

Thankful Sheerah, her daughter, was with her when her heart stopped, and she took her last breath. They tried to resuscitate her but her race was finished. She’d fought the good fight, has finished the race, and she had kept the faith. Now there is in store for her the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, will award to her on that day. What a beautiful picture of Ninau…fighting no more but enjoying the reward of finishing her race.

Thank you all for loving Ninau. Please continue to pray for Sheerah as she tries to manage life without her mom.

Training Papua New Guineans

COMPLETED - $515 Donated

Dylan, a Northpoint Bible College student, is heading to Papua New Guinea. Dylan’s primary focus will be training Papua New Guineans at regional Bible Colleges throughout the country so they can serve as pastors, missionaries and evangelists in their own country and throughout the South Pacific. Papua New Guinea is the most linguistically diverse nation on earth, with little infrastructure, providing great challenges in bringing the gospel to some of the least accessible places on earth.

Thank you donors for your contributions toward getting Dylan to the mission field.

Emergency Roof Needed

COMPLETED - $1,225 Donated

Wow! Thank you GapFill donors. This roof was funded in less than one day. The current widow missionary who lives in this refitted bathroom will be overwhelmed when she finds out she is getting a new roof.

Thank you, thank you for showing the love of Christ and ensuring this widow living in a "sensitive area" with 30 years of service has a roof.

Eye Treatments Needed

COMPLETED - $250 Donated
Thank you GapFill donors for your donations toward Judy Mensch’s macular degeneration eye treatments while she was ministering in the United States. Judy has since returned to the Netherlands where, unlike the US, this treatment is covered by insurance. Please continue to pray and follow Judy in her ministry by visiting her website. Thanks again GapFill donors for your generosity in helping Judy.

Sharing Jesus with Muslim Women

COMPLETED - $1,200 Donated

Vanessa is heading to Madrid, Spain and North Africa for an internship as she begins the journey of obedience to a mission that went beyond her expectations. Vanessa explains, "Deep in my heart I knew that God has called me to minister to Muslim women. I am thrilled that God presented an opportunity of an internship so quickly! This internship will give me a better understanding of the Muslim community and a deeper understanding of how to engage within them."

Thank you donors for your contributions toward this mission trip for Vanessa. She is honored to be a first generation missionary. Look for a blog post of Vanessa's adventures when she returns later this summer.

Human Trafficking Need

More than 27 million people are caught in the horrible web of human trafficking. The numbers are staggering. Yet there is an answer. As in every other period of history, Christians have risen up against an evil seemingly too great to overcome and offered the only refuge of hope and healing; that which is found in Jesus Christ. Ministering the love of God to those whose lives have been shattered by this evil is an overwhelming task, one that requires the next generation to rise up and show the love of Christ in the most difficult of situations. A team of young people have headed out to answer God's call to this field of service and will be actively ministering to those who have recently been rescued from the nightmare of human slavery.

COMPLETED - $9,470 Donated

Thank you GapFill donors for sharing the love of Christ in the midst of this horrific evil. The mission team has headed out. Look for a blog post at the end of the summer with stories of God's love and faithfulness.

Christian Musical Equipment Needed

COMPLETED - $1,540 Donated

70% of India's population is below the age of 35 and 40% is below the age of 15. They characterize a generation that is impacted by music and media. Christian musical equipment was purchased to reach the unreached of North India! Thank you for financially partnering with GapFill as these missionaries reach India for Jesus.

Feeding the Hungry in Guatemala City

COMPLETED - $685 Donated

For over 15 years The Kitchen of Love Ministry, or "Cocina del Amor" has committed to eradicating hunger in Guatemala City. This is done one mouth at a time, six days a week. Located in Zone 14 in Guatemala City, as well as in Esquipulas, volunteers at Cocina del Amor tirelessly provide a hot, nutritious lunch to hungry people of all kinds. The food is always accompanied by an encouraging word, prayer, and fellowship. Thank you for helping Kevin get to Guatemala City.

Weber's Return Travel to Papua New Guinea

Click here for a photo album of the Webers 2013 PNG trip.
COMPLETED - $1,075 Donated
Christiane and Thomas Weber

The Webers, who completed the translation of the Bimin New Testament and sections of some Old Testament for the Bimin people in Papua New Guinea returned to Papua New Guinea to not only encourage the Bimin people but also bring them the finished audio recordings of the Bimin New Testament. Thank you donors for helping to contribute to their return trip to the Bimin people. Read their GapFill blog post to get an update of their trip.

Medical Bills for Alex Vincent

Alex Vincent Has Received All Needed Funds For His Medical Bills.

COMPLETED - $23,325 Donated

The Sovereign Lord is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to tread on the heights. (Habakkuk 3:19)
Lois reminded me of this verse in her last email to GapFill and she also added, "The impossible, as you and I know, is possible with God. I am still overwhelmed by the love of the Body of Christ." Both Lois and Alex would like to thank all the generous friends and donors who gave to pay their medical bills. Lois and Alex have both been overwhelmed with the generous response from everyone and pray for each donor that has given to their project. Thank you all so very much. This truly was the body of Christ at its finest!!! Thank you for showing thanks and honor to Alex and Lois for their over 50 years of service as Christian missionaries.

Teaching the Mesem New Testament

COMPLETED $1,250 Donated
Thank you donors for supporting the local Papua New Guineans as they teach the Word of God using the Mesem New Testament translated by Neil and Kathy Vanaria. "The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever." Isaiah 40:8

Vanaria's Return to Papua New Guinea

25 Years of God's Faithfulness

COMPLETED - $3,452 Donated
Neil and Kathy Vanaria

25 years in the making...through potato diet months, car accidents, numerous robberies, gunpoint scares, computer issues....the list goes on...but the Vanaria's persevered...and because they did the Mesem New Testament was printed and delivered to the Mesem in January 2013 in a glorious thanksgiving celebration.

Thanks so much GapFill donors for helping the Vanaria's travel throughout Papua New Guinea to bring the scriptures to a number of dispersed Mesem settlements. To God Be the Glory!!!

Digital Hearing Aids

COMPLETED - $1,411 Donated
Phil and Kim Rojak
Phil Rojak has been in Papua New Guinea since January 2010 focusing on evangelism and discipleship and was in need of two digital hearing aids. Phil Rojak has received his digital hearing aids from the Starkey Hearing Foundation! It is an amazing story to see how Jesus answers prayers. Read about Phil's amazing story on our GapFill Blog!!

Work with MKs (Missionary Kids)

COMPLETED - $120 Donated
Phil and Kim Rojak
Beka and Colleen Rojak were able to head to Thailand to work with Missionary Kids (MKs) during the Pacific/Oceania Retreat. Beka noted, "I have experienced the love and investment of fellow MKs before me and I wanted to give back to the MKs that are now on the mission field and give God the opportunity to work in their lives away from distractions."  Thank you GapFill donors for helping the Rojak girls "pay it forward" to other MKs.

Printing of the Nabak Hymn Book

COMPLETED - $4,250 Donated
Grace Fabian

Thank you GapFill donors!! Grace was able to return to Papua New Guinea and get the hymnals printed for her to take to the Nabak people. To God Be The Glory as the Nabak people sing His praises!!