Human Trafficking Need

More than 27 million people are caught in the horrible web of human trafficking. The numbers are staggering. Yet there is an answer. As in every other period of history, Christians have risen up against an evil seemingly too great to overcome and offered the only refuge of hope and healing; that which is found in Jesus Christ. Ministering the love of God to those whose lives have been shattered by this evil is an overwhelming task, one that requires the next generation to rise up and show the love of Christ in the most difficult of situations. A team of young people have headed out to answer God's call to this field of service and will be actively ministering to those who have recently been rescued from the nightmare of human slavery.

COMPLETED - $9,470 Donated

Thank you GapFill donors for sharing the love of Christ in the midst of this horrific evil. The mission team has headed out. Look for a blog post at the end of the summer with stories of God's love and faithfulness.