Completed PRAISES is overwhelmed and humbled by the completed blessings below to the Christian missionaries who were in need. We thank each donor for their sacrificial giving and pray they will in turn be blessed.

Grace's Return to Papua New Guinea

COMPLETED - $5,400 Donated
Grace Fabian

Thank you GapFill donors!!! Grace was able to return to the Nabak people in January 2013 and was not only able to encourage them in their walk with Jesus but also had new hymn books in hand so they can continue to sing Praises to our Lord Jesus. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! We are overwhelmed with the generosity of so many who shared in Grace's passion. Learn more about this amazing woman in GapFill's blog

Retreat Needed

COMPLETED - $640 Donated
Joel and Adrienne Charest

Thank you donors! Missionaries in Mozambique, Joel and Adrienne Charest, needed a few days of get away to recharge and they were able to do just that. Joel has been battling cancer and this time away was such a blessing. What an example of God's family at its best! Thanks to everyone who made this possible.

Family in Immediate Financial Need

COMPLETED - $1,975 Donated

Matthew and Sarah, a Christian tent-making family serving in a "sensitive area" for ten years, found out their newborn son Amos had Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC). This is a serious genetic disorder that requires special medical attention. As a result, they headed stateside to Fort Worth, TX to be near a TSC Center. They are currently staying with family as they get treatment for Amos and a job for Matthew. Thank you for your donations that helped get medical attention for Amos and helped this family settled into their new life stateside.

Family in Crisis

COMPLETED - $1,200 Donated
A family of six needed to be evacuated from a "sensitive nation". They sold all they had to go to the mission field with four children. They returned home with two suitcases and two carry-ons for the entire family. They needed clothes, shoes, a place to live, furniture, etc. Thank you GapFill donors for your generosity of their behalf. They told us, "We have been utterly stunned at the generosity of God's people during this time in our lives. It has honestly been, at times, too much to take in." Thank you all for answering their need. To God Be the Glory!

School Fees and Basic Food and Housing

COMPLETED - $3,562 Donated
Neil and Kathy Vanaria

Thanks everyone for getting 100% of Susie Leo children's school fees paid along with support money she needed for basic food and housing. What a GREAT group of donors GapFill has. Praise Jesus!! 

Susie’s Story: Since 2005, Susie Leo, the wife of a Ukarumpa police officer, worked faithfully alongside Neil and Kathy Vanaria to enable Kathy to participate more fully in the ministry.

Bible College Repairs

COMPLETED $675 Donated
Thank you for your contributions to help in the repairs of the men’s dormitory at NorthPoint Bible College. We will be praying that this winter will not be as severe as the winter of 2015.