Sharing Jesus's Love in Haiti

Daniela Bonanno
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Daniela Bonanno

Cost: $3,500
Received: $250

In February 2018, Daniela will be going to Haiti for two weeks. The first week will be spent working with Hope for Haiti's Children in the Port-Au-Price region. She will be helping them with their Annual Childcare Clinic serving the children in their orphanages and schools. Each child's needs are assessed and routine immunizations will be given. From there she will travel to Cap-Haitien to spend a week working with FaithCare, where she will assist with meeting the needs of many local people who will be seen at their free clinic. The team shares the love and hope of Jesus with each patient while also meeting their physical needs. Many of us are not able or equipped to go on these types of medical mission trips, however, those who are able need your help. Can you donate and be a part of her vision to help so many in need?